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Avenue to Iserlohn

On this warm day in August, I went on a trekking tour through forests south of Dortmund. This country road is lined with old trees and leads to Iserlohn. It was deserted here, so I was able to take this photo in peace.

mlopht | August, 8 2020

City nights

From a pedestrian bridge over the A40, this view of Dortmund’s southern city is available at night. In the foreground you can see the so-called Schnettker Bridge, behind it the Florian Tower and on the right the Westfalenhalle.

mlopht | May, 22 2020

Fire station

During a geocaching tour north of the city of Lünen, I came across a garage of the volunteer fire department. A closer look reveals an abstract picture from this gate of the fire station. It’s all a question of distance …

mlopht | May, 31 2020


Not really streetphotography but something special: The capture shows a turning loop in the industrial area Phoenix West in Dortmund Hörde. Done with a DJI Mavic pro. Height: 76 m.

mlopht | February, 21 2020

Japan 2019

Since October 24 we are back from our holiday in Japan. In the past three and a half weeks we have been able to gather a lot of impressions and of course brought a lot of photos. Streetphotography is very popular in Japan. Photos will follow …

mlopht | October, 27 2019


Not necessarily the classic street photo but because of the long railing it has a special perspective …

mlopht | September, 8 2019

Burg Schnellenberg

Burg Schnellenberg is a hilltop castle above the Biggetal near the Biggesee. The well-preserved castle was built around 1222 and is now privately owned. It can be visited and accommodates a restaurant in the courtyard. The picturesque surroundings offer good photo opportunities.

mlopht | August, 17 2019

Rainy Days

Yesterday it was rainy. Usually I do not like to work under these conditions but I took the opportunity to record my first streetphotos in the rain. Maybe it will become a series.

mlopht | August, 13 2019

Miranda Sensorex II

I tried out my Miranda Sensorex II today. I got this camera from my father, who bought it in 1973. It’s probably not the best device for street photography but when I used it, I felt a little bit like Henri Cartier-Bresson.

The Miranda Sensorex II was built from 1972 to 1977. It was one of the most advanced purely mechanical 35mm cameras in its days and it had a mechanical coupling of ISO value, shutter speed and aperture to the light meter. It also had a focal-plane shutter that allowed shutter speeds of 1/1000 to 1 second. The viewfinder system was interchangeable with a light shaft finder.

As a kit lens functioned an even for today’s conditions extremely fast 50 mm f/1.4 lens. The camera and the so-called Auto Miranda optics were very robust. The pictured model until today works almost like at the first day. Only the procurement of mercury batteries for the light meter has become expensive lately.

In addition to the camera, a 300 mm fixed focal lens can be seen. Camera and lenses can be buyed on Ebay for very little money – the 300 mm lens was in its original packaging and never used. The low prices are due to the large quantities with which Miranda produced until the late 70s. A used copy of the similarly developed Rolleiflex SL 350 of the same time still costs a four-digit amount today.

mlopht | August, 12 2019


… I launched my new website „STREET“. On this page I will publish my streetshots and various travel photos.

If you like it, follow me on Flickr.

mlopht | August, 10 2019